Boys Bedroom with Dinosaurs

Our youngest son loved dinosaurs, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t find dinosaurs amazing? The ceilings of our bedroom are height, with 2.80 meters, so a wallpaper with dinosaurs or similar isn’t going to work. Instead, we decided to go for some green hills on the wall and bring in the dinos with framed drawings and other items.

The painted green hills on the wall create a really nice and cozy sleeping corner in the boy’s bedroom. Now painting round or organic shapes can be quite challenging. If you don’t have a steady hand, then you can use flexible masking tape to create the hills. This way you can easily create the hills on the wall and you will get sharp edges.

Make sure that you check the height of any furniture that you are placing in front of it so that the hills stick out above it nicely.

To bring back the green into the room we placed a green chest at the end of the bed and also placed a green laundry bag. Chests are always a great storage place for kids. They love to store their toys and other stuff in their own chest. And it looks great as well of course.

The grey cabinet is the Bryggja cabinet from Ikea, but unfortunately, it’s discontinued. The rug isn’t only very cute in the boy’s room, but it’s also practical and warm for the kids who can use the design on this rug in their imagination. Guaranteed fun for playtime! You can find similar rugs here on Amazon.

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