Best American Made Axe

I know a lot of people in America like products that are made in the USA. And I completely understand, it’s always good to support the local business. And also from an environmental perspective, it makes sense to buy a locally-made product. Why ship a good axe from Europe to America when you can buy an American-made axe that is equally good?

If you buy a premium quality axe, then you buy it for the rest of your life. So let me help you to find the best American-made axe that money can buy. I have listed the best American axes for each model below.

There are a lot of different axe models available, so I will split the recommendations into the three most bought models, a hatchet, felling axe, and splitting maul.

American made Hatchet

We all have or need a hatchet. It’s great for making kindlings and removing small limbs. A typical hatchet has a length of around 14 inches and a head weight of around 1 lb. There are a few American axe makers that make a hatchet. Below you will find the different models of American-made Axe hatchets with the most important details.


Estwing makes full metal axes with a shock-reduction grip. The axes are forged in one piece, which makes them more durable.  Estwing has three different hatchets in their product line, starting at 12 inches up to 16 inches. The handle is wrapped with leather for a good grip. Estwing started making axes in 1923 and was founded by a Swedish Immigrant Ernest Estwing.

American made axeBest Made

Best Made is also making some fine-looking hatchets. They have a straight handle and come with a nice leather sheath and a beautiful finish. What I love about the Best Made Axes are the different coloring that can be done on the handles. Not only do they look nice, but they are also made of great quality. Definitely worth checking out. The price for a hatchet is around $ 90,-.

Council Tool

One of the premium American Axe makers is Council Tool. With their Velvicut line, you get a high-end product made of the finest materials. Council Tool has a nice . The 14-inch handle is made from grade A American Hickory and the head is forged from 5160-grade alloy steel. This results in a hardness of Rc 52-56, which makes sure the head keeps a nice edge longer.

If you go for the Velvicut line you can be sure that you buy the axe for the rest of your life.

Snow & Nealley

The last American-made axe hatchet is from Snow & Nealley. They make a decent hatchet, but what you will see a lot with the Snow & Nealley axes is that the grain in the handle is not perfectly aligned. The head on the other hand is made from high-carbon steel, and while it needs some sharpening when you receive it, it will do its job.

American Felling Axe

There are also a few American brands to choose from when you are looking for an American-made felling axe. There are more brands than listed below, but I focus only on the best American-made axes.


Estwing makes also full metal single-bit axes. The 26-inch Campers Axe is a great axe for small and soft trees. The head is pretty light and the blade is narrow, which is perfect for softwood, but you miss the head weight for the harder wood types.

The head is drop-forged and tempered for extra strength and durability. The rubber on the handle helps with the shock absorption and gifs some extra grip.

Council Tool

If you are looking for a premium American felling axe then the Council Tool Velvicut 4 pound felling axe is the one you should buy. This 32-inch felling axe is a real monster. Made for felling the biggest trees and hardest types of wood.

You receive this fine piece of American craftsmanship razor sharp and ready to use. The handle is unfinished but that should not be a deal breaker.

Snow & Nealley

The last American-made felling axe we are looking into is the Snow and Nealley 3.5 lbs. Single Bit Axe. This 30-inch axe is a decent axe. It looks great, the handle is perfect, and it has a nice curve and perfect grain orientation. But the steel used for the head is not the best there is. It’s too soft which will let to deforming of the head and dents.

If you are looking for an American-made axe with a hickory handle for small trees and softwood, then the Snow & Neally can work for you. Otherwise, spend a few extra dollars and go for a premium axe.

American Splitting Axe

We all need a splitting axe and if you are into buying an American-made axe, then why not a nice American-made maul? Below you will find some of the best mauls that are made in the USA.

Council Tool

The No products found. from Council Tool is not from the Velvicut line, so not premium quality here. But for the price, you get a great maul. It’s an American-style splitting maul, with a hickory handle and a 6 lbs head.

The handle grain is not perfect, you might get one with the orientation a bit off. Overall a decent axe for a great price.

True American

A nice American-made maul, that you can’t ignore for this price. It comes with a fiber neck to protect the handle from overstrike. The head weighs 6 lbs and the 36-inch handle is made from hickory.

The True American is nothing really special, it looks simple and cheap, which it’s. But for the price, it does a decent job. Many people receive it with a dull edge, which is true, but not an issue. A splitting maul does not have to be razor sharp, it just needs to split the wood.

Wilton Tools

The only all-fiber handle American-made axe in the list. The Wilton Tools 30-inch B.A.S.H. splitting maul is leathery and unbreakable. With a handle made from fiber and steel rods, you just can break this handle.

With an 8-pound head is this splitting maul one of the toughest sledgehammer available. The fiber handle with rubberized grip is a great shock absorber, making splitting wood a really easy job again.

Overall a great price for a beast of splitting maul. Probably the last splitting maul you buy!

I hope you found your American-Made Axe in the list above. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know.

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